2020, MD/Arranger, 3RD YR ACTOR-MUSICIAN SHOWCASE, Mountview Academy; Dir. Paul-Ryan Carberry

2019, MD, Composer, THE SANDMAN (Commission for Mountview); Dir. John Ward

2019, MD, Composer, The ACCIDENTAL TIME TRAVELLER, a new musical, BYMT; Dir. Clare Prenton

2019, MD, Composer, SCHOOLS TAKE OVER, Tobacco Factory, Bristol; Dir. Shane Morgan


2018, MD, DICK WHITTINGTON a Rock 'n' Roll Panto, Stafford Gatehouse; Dir. Rob Salmon

2018, MD/Composer, PERICLES, Mountview Academy; Dir. John Ward

2018, MD/Conductor, OUR HOUSE, Stafford Gatehouse; Dir. John Ward

2018, MD/Composer, MACBETH, Stafford Gatehouse Shakespeare Festival; Dir. Clare Prenton

2018, MD/Composer, ELECTRA, Bunker theatre; Dir. John Ward


2017, MD/Arranger, 3RD YR ACTOR-MUSICIAN SHOWCASE, Mountview Academy; Dir. John Ward


2017, MD/Composer, ORPHEUS, Bristol Tobacco Factory; Dir. John Ward

2017, MD, THISBE, Stratford East; Dir. Roberta Zurich


2016, MD/Arranger, CALAMITY JANE, Mountview Academy; Dir. John Ward

2016, MD/Composer, LADY OF THE HOUSE OF LOVE, Garage - Norwich; Dir. John Ward

2016, MD/Arranger, 3RD YR ACTOR-MUSICIAN SHOWCASE, Mountview Academy; Dir. John Ward

2015, MD/Arranger, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, Mountview Academy; Dir. John Ward

2015, MD, WIZARD OF OZ, Garage - Norwich; Dir. Rachael Morrison

2014, MD/Composer, FAUST, Greenwich theatre/National tour; Dir. John Ward

2014,MD/Composer BIRD, Forward Theatre, Latitude/National tour; Amelia Bird

2014, Commissioned Composer, CHOREOGRAPHICS, English National Ballet, Barbican theatre, London. 

2013, MD/Arranger, MATCHGIRLS, Wilton's Music Hall; Dir. John Ward


2012, MD/Composer, TWISTED CHRISTMAS, Liverpool Playhouse; Dir. John Ward

2012, MD/Performer, SATAN'S PLAYGROUND, Edinburgh UnderBelly; Dir. David Zoob

2012, MD, WHEN YOU HEAR MY VOICE, LSW, St James Cavalier, Malta; Dir. Dr. Bruce Wall

© 2020 David Hewson

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