CURRENT SPECIAL OFFER : £25 p/hour.  (1st taster session FREE!!!)

"David is a brilliant guitar teacher! It can be challenging being a beginner but David is patient, calm and very encouraging. In just a few weeks I can see real progress and am playing songs with 3 or 4 chords!He has a knack of finding creative ways of helping me overcome challenges. 

 I really wouldn’t have got to this point without his guitar lessons. My only regret is not having started earlier in life - had I known it could be like this I would have done!"

Sarah B, Bedminster 

After not playing piano for over 30 years, I was a bit apprehensive about what I could manage. David's calm and encouraging approach has got me working towards playing the classical music I was familiar with again as well as developing new skills. I can now also play and sing at the same time - I never thought I'd be able to do that !

Clare S, Bedminster


Music lessons, only better - I'm learning rock tunes I choose on an electric guitar! 

Jacob (aged 8)

Ever wanted to be able to sit down at the piano and play all your favourite songs..!? 


Or pick up a guitar and belt out your favourite Alannis Morrisette song..!?         “YOU, YOU, YOU OUGHTTA KNOW!!!”

I’m currently offering 1 hour, one-to-one online* lessons to any age in piano, guitar and/or singing.


 I can teach these skills individually if you prefer but what I LOVE to do is teach them in combination so that you can learn how to accompany yourself and who knows, maybe even start writing songs yourself! 

I’m a big believer that 99% of the time people give up trying to learn because there isn’t enough fun involved in the learning process. So as well as learning all the basics in good practice and technique I aim to quickly get you understanding how the building blocks of music actually work so that you’ll soon be playing and singing all your favourite songs!


I also concentrate heavily on musicality skills; helping you develop a strong ear for pitch and a great feel for rhythm!


If you’re interested and want to book in your first free taster session where we can set your personal musical goals please email me on


*Due to current Covid-19 regulations I am not able to offer face to face lessons but as soon as restrictions are lifted I will be more than happy to teach in person if you are based in Bristol.

I was quite nervous to start singing lessons again after not singing for years but David has really built up my confidence with lessons that are fun and put you at ease. They feel totally tailored to suit what you want to achieve. David’s passion is infectious and his expertise is clear. I have really enjoyed learning about the anatomy of the voice which he breaks down in a practical  and engaging way. I’m so glad I started singing lessons with David! They are the highlight of my week. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Eve P, East London

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