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One-to-one singing lessons for all ages and abilities!


Lessons geared to meet your individual needs to improve your singing technique or any aspect of your musicality.

  • Build your confidence 

  • Develop your vocal technique

  • Improve your musicality 


Drop me a message at

  • Audition prep

  • Learn piano or guitar and how to accompany yourself

  • Music theory 

Having worked in the theatre industry for over 10 years as a musical director and voice coach I have a wide experience of helping all ages and abilities develop their voice and find enjoyment in singing. The voice is an ever changing instrument that changes through life.


My teaching has always been based on the fundamental principle of awareness; only once you are aware of how the voice works and where your voice is currently habitually placed can you begin to experiment with how and where your voice can further be developed. I teach from this same principle to both my students who are inexperienced singers right up to those who you will find performing in the West End!


Nervous singer?

Singing is the ultimate act of inner expression becoming outer expression and therefore is always to some degree a performance. For this reason singing can understandably be hugely exposing for some. Let's work together to build your confidence by improving the sound you make step-by-step and then learning to love that sound!


Just want to get a bit better?

A big slice of my students (most likely due to the fact I work in theatre) are already actors and performers who just want to improve their singing a bit. Live music and singing has become a very common aspect of most theatre so it would be a rare acting career which didn't require singing somewhere along the line. As well as technique I can help improve your sight-singing skills, harmony pitching and acting through song.


Want to learn a new musical skill?

I play and teach piano and guitar and originally trained as an Actor-Musician at Rose Bruford College of Speech & Drama. My work has predominately been in the actor-musician world from MD'ing rock 'n' roll pantos and musicals to writing and directing shows for Mountview's actor-musician degree course. Maybe you're an actor wanting to add a new string to your bow to increase your employability? Or just dream of being able to whack the guitar out and play some tunes by the campfire? I get immense pleasure out of working with someone to improve their innate sense of musicality, often integrating singing technique with instrument playing, learning how to effectively accompany yourself. I have current students (who I have taught from scratch) who are now able to accompany themselves playing and singing their favourite songs by a wide range of artists such as Adele, Carole King, KD Lang and Blondie!


If you're interested or just want to have an initial chat about what you would like to get out of having lessons please do drop me a message at: I look forward to working with you :)